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Every manifestation in our life is the result of the following equation:

Thoughts + Emotions + Tension = Manifestation

Imagine a goal, a big one that you cannot achieve directly tomorrow.  Maybe it is a dream car, a house, a successful business, or a new life partner. Whatever you want, let your imagination run wild. Then put yourself in the situation that you have already reached the goal. What do you see? What do you perceive? How do you feel?

I suppose it feels good, doesn’t it?

That’s the beauty of thought and our imagination. Nothing is impossible. That way, we can imagine the biggest dreams and lose ourselves in them.

Now, let’s go back to your goal. Imagine it. Enjoy it again for a moment.

And now set the intention to make it your reality!

What are you thinking about now? How do you feel? Do you believe that it will be easy, or do you feel a little or even entirely overwhelmed by the thought of it?

The chances are good that you perceive great inner resistance at this moment. And this is natural. If these resistances were not there, you would have already reached your goal. But it is interesting, isn’t it? Although you are still thinking about the same goal, the good feelings are suddenly gone. Instead, you feel doubt, fears, and maybe even sadness or anger.

By setting the intention to act, something shifts. Change in our world always costs energy. The greater the desired change, the more energy we need to apply. But our world does not want to change, and so tension is created. If we can stay with this tension long enough and the resistance reduces, and our dream becomes a reality. The dream became a manifestation.

Your thoughts and emotions alone are not enough to manifest a dream. You need to take action (tension). In short:

Thoughts + Emotions + Tension = Manifestation


When I talk about “our world” that resists change, I am referring to our inner word. It is this inner world that determines success or defeat.

Henry Ford summed it up in the beautiful phrase: “If you think you can or can’t: You’re right!”

Only if we successfully direct our thoughts, feelings, and emotions towards our goal and eliminate all inner resistances (fears, doubts, etc.), we can perform the necessary actions on the outside needed to reach our goal.

If you doubt this statement, remember the last time you put off a task seemingly forever, although you completed it in a short time in the end. Procrastination, in itself, is nothing more than an emotional resistance to a task.
So it is essential to learn how to deal with this inner resistance to dissolve it. The faster we can do this, the quicker we will be successful.

I have spent more than ten years researching why some people succeed in a seemingly effortless way, while others struggle all their lives and get nowhere.

I have found the answer to this question in what I have explained here.



If you are stuck and have the feeling that you can’t get any further on your own, I will gladly help you on your way to personal success.

I will support you in discovering and dissolving your inner blocks and help you to deal with your thoughts and emotions proactively.

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