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Feeling is the Secret – Neville Goddard

19. May 2020

To be healthy, happy, and successful, we must learn to understand the workings of this world.

Neville Goddard describes these mechanisms in the international bestseller, “Feeling is the Secret”, and explains how to apply them to your life.

The book was already published in 1944 but has lost none of its relevance. It explains concisely and elegantly how our world works and how we can make use of it in only four short chapters.

Even though the book is a small one, it is full of nuances. It is, therefore, advisable to have read this book several times, which shouldn’t be a problem with a reading time of less than an hour.

The interesting thing about Neville is that he regularly quotes the Bible. However, his interpretation was entirely new to me. So don’t let this put you off. I find his interpretation very refreshing.


Chapter 1 – The Law and its Operation

The Law of Consciousness states that the world is the manifestation of conditioned consciousness. It is both the cause of the world and the substance of which it is made off. The consciousness is divided into the conscious and the subconscious.

The task of our conscious is to create ideas and conceptions. Our subconscious is responsible for the realization of these wishes. It does not change ideas; it only gives them form. Only the subconscious knows how this happens. It is neither bound to rationality nor reason. The medium of communication between conscious and subconscious is our feelings.

Thus we can change our reality by changing our feelings. For this, we have to control our thoughts and feelings. But this does not mean suppressing feelings – this would only lead to illness – but rather the discipline of only allowing those that are beneficial to our happiness. Unwanted feelings must be let go off, and sympathetical thoughts about something wrong should be avoided. So think only about the things and circumstances that you would like to realize.

If we have different, conflicting beliefs, the one that causes the stronger feeling is realized. It is always the dominant of two feelings that is manifested.

The feeling of what you are is always stronger than what you would like to be. Therefore every wish must be felt as a present reality to be realized.

The subconscious does not distinguish whether what we feel is good or bad. It accepts what we feel as truth and expresses it.

It is essential to concentrate only on the desired state. If we only think of obstacles and difficulties, we ask the subconscious in its non-selective way to create them.

The subconscious cannot be forced. It is our task to accept the feelings we would have if our wishes were fulfilled and then believe that the subconscious creates them.

Although it is contradictory to our perception, in which we generally assign feelings to events, our lives reflect our feelings. As inside, so outside.

Mastering control over our thoughts and feelings is our greatest achievement. Until this happens, sleep and prayer can help us to fulfill our desires. Both are gateways to our subconscious.

Chapter 2 – Sleep

We spend about one-third of our life asleep. If we close our eyes to sleep, our conscious turns its back on the world and connects with our subconscious. In doing so, it takes our last conscious feelings and thoughts with it and passes them on to the subconscious, which produces the world outside in their image.

To make sleep work for you, ask yourself the following question before sleeping: “How would I feel if my wish were fulfilled? Build up the feeling inside you and concentrate on it while you relax into sleep.

Repeat the process every night and always fall asleep feeling that you already are or have what you want.

When we sleep, we no longer have a choice. Our last awake self-image dominates our complete sleep. Therefore, always fall asleep with a feeling of satisfaction and success.

If you are discouraged, dissatisfied, or feel like a failure: change this state of consciousness before falling asleep.

Your conscious – your views, beliefs, and opinions – always precede the objective reality. Therefore do not limit yourself to your past. Nothing is impossible for consciousness. Therefore, imagine conditions beyond what you are used to. Whatever you can imagine can be realized.

The creative process begins with the imagination of your desires. Then follows belief in their reality. Therefore always expect the best. The world cannot change until you change your perception of it.

It doesn’t matter what it is. You don’t have to change anyone but yourself. You have neither opponents nor supporters. You only have to convince yourself of the truth of your desired state. If you succeed, the results will follow to confirm your conviction.

If you want someone else to change, never ask that person to change. Instead, convince yourself that the other person is already as you would like them to be.

Do not regret a moment of your life, because this is how you draw it back into your life. Detach yourself from what you perceive on the outside and accept the feeling of your wish fulfilled.

However, free will is limited only to the freedom to choose. So you have the freedom to choose your feelings. How they find expression is the secret of the subconscious.

When we wake up, we believe that we act freely. We do not perceive that every action and every event was already predetermined by our self-image when we fell asleep. When we are awake, we can only decide freely how we feel and how we react to the drama. But the drama itself was created beforehand.

Chapter 3 – Prayer

Prayer, like sleep, is an entrance to our subconscious.

Find a quiet place so that you can be alone. Relax your mind, according to the state that occurs before you go to sleep and pray.

Praying means imagining and feeling the desired state as an already existing reality. Just like sleep, you must be entirely convinced that your prayer is already a reality. The moment you succeed in this, your subconscious starts to realize it.

As perfectly disciplined people, we would always be in the vibration of the fulfilled wish. We would know that consciousness is the only true reality and that ideas and feelings are as representational as objects in space.

Therefore it is crucial to let go of feelings that do not contribute to our happiness as emotions are the cause of our life circumstances.

In contrast to this, it is difficult for the undisciplined person to believe in what is not perceivable in the outside world. So we usually accept and reject ideas and conceptions based on external circumstances.

Because we tend to rely on our senses, it is essential to reduce sensory stimuli as much as possible before praying to be able to concentrate as much as possible on our inner world.

Praying is the art of accepting the feeling you would have if your wishes were already a reality. It is not about forcing it but instead giving in to it. Praying happens without effort. Because the more you want something, the less you will get it.

To achieve this, you need to relax your mind, similar to the state before sleep. When the mind is relaxed, it turns away from the objective world and easily adopts the subjective perception. It is a state in which you are conscious and can open your eyes but feel no need to do so.

When you are on a bed, lie flat on your back with your head at body level. Close your eyes and imagine that you are tired. Feel – I am so sleepy, so sleepy, so sleepy. After a short while, a feeling of exhaustion comes over you, and you lose the need to move.

Imagine the realized wish. Don’t worry about how you got there; only focus on the fulfilled state. Feel it as best you can.

Everything you could need or desire is already yours. You do not need a helper for it. If your subconscious accepts your wish completely, you become entirely indifferent to possible failure.

When you come back from prayer, it is as if you have been shown the happy and successful end of a play without being shown how it happened.

However, as a witness to this end – no matter how unspectacular the sequence of events is – you remain calm and secure in the knowledge that the end has been perfectly defined. 

Chapter 4 – Faith means feeling

Every idea has an associated feeling. Take the feeling related to your realized wish by taking the emotion you would have if your desire was already a reality. Your wish will realize itself.

To believe is to feel. According to your faith (your feelings), it will happen to you.

You never attract what you want. But what you are.

You are what you believe you are.

Personal Remark

It is astonishing to me how well this book summarizes knowledge that science today is slowly beginning to understand. So it is clear today that our subconscious can best be influenced when we adopt a relaxed state of mind. In science, they are called alpha and theta state, specific frequency ranges of brain activity.

These states occur when we relax or when we fall asleep and wake up. They also happen when we meditate, are under hypnosis, or participate in a theta healing session. The widespread success of the described methods for therapy and coaching purposes confirms the potency of these states.

Also, the book’s statements follow the principles I described in “Why Manifesting has never worked for You“.

I can only recommend this short read. It will help you to see the world with different eyes.

Read it Yourself

If you want to read the book yourself, you can buy it here:

Feeling is the Secret | Neville Goddard

But you can also listen to the whole thing for free on YouTube:
Englisches Audiobuch – Feeling is the Secret

Neville Goddard

If you want to learn more about the author, you can read a short description and biography here: Neville Goddard


I hope I could help you with this summary. Please let me know in the comments what you think or what experience you have with manifestations.

Live authentically! Be great!

Your Tim


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