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Why manifesting has never worked for you

5. May 2020

If you have seen the movie “The Secret”, you have probably heard of the “Law of Attraction”. It says that energies of equal vibration are attracted to each other. In other words, our thoughts and emotions attract circumstances into our lives that match the vibration of our thoughts and emotions. If we apply this to our lives, we can manifest whatever we want, be it wealth, health, a dream partner, joy, or happiness.

Many people try techniques like visualization or affirmations to help manifest their dreams, and yet nothing changes. The problem is not that visualizations or affirmations do not work. We don’t understand why these techniques work and therefore make mistakes applying them. It’s not just a matter of what, but also how we imagine it to make it work.

I have written this article to help you gain a deeper understanding of how our reality works so that you can live a life of joy and abundance.

Everything is Energy

Quantum physics tells us that 99.9999999999999999 percent of all matter is energy that oscillates at a specific frequency. In other words, everything is energy and information. Therefore, it makes sense to stop thinking of reality as solid and instead see it as an expression of all existing energies.

In “The Emotional Scale – 9 levels of consciousness you need to know to live fulfilled and happy“, I described that emotions are energy in motion. The same applies to thoughts. However, emotions are much more powerful. 

By focusing on a dream or goal, we channel energy into its creation. When enough energy has flowed, the vision becomes a reality.

Staging Phase

The first stage of each manifestation is the staging phase. We imagine our wish or our goal without the intention of making it come true. We do not worry about how to achieve it. We only think about what we want and how good it feels.

It is essential to realize that we position the idea in front of or above our heads. Outside of our body, it can be changed at will without causing any resistance within us.

It is a great way to let our imagination run wild. However, this way, we will not cause any change in real life.

Why it hasn’t worked so far

As already mentioned, various techniques help to achieve your own goals and dreams. They usually contain some form of affirmation or visualization. By repeating certain positive statements every day or putting ourselves in our desired state, we align ourselves with our vision and draw it into our life.

In general, this statement is correct. However, it will not work if we continue to stay in the staging phase. We need to embody the vision. This requires moving the vision inside our body, bringing it in through our head, and moving it downwards.

Our energetic Body – Chakras

What most of us don’t know: Our body is not only physical but also energetic. Just as we can use the physical part to move objects, we can influence and direct energies with the energetic part. Our energetic body is completely connected to our physical one. In it, we have seven main energy centers – the chakras. They are located along our spine.

I will describe them starting at the top, moving downwards. This is also the direction in which the energy flows in the process of creation. Do not be confused by the numbers. In general, the chakras are described the other way round.


7. Sahasrara-Chakra | Crown Chakra

This is our connection to the Source, God, the Universe, or whatever you want to call the creative energy behind all. It is located at the top of our head and allows energy to flow into our bodies.

6. Ajna Chakra | Third Eye Chakra

In this energy center, we create visualizations and set intentions. Here we decide which wishes and dreams we want to realize.

5. Visshuda-Chakra | Throat Chakra

This is the center of communication. When we have difficulty expressing our intention, there is a blockage in this energy center.

4. Anahata-Chakra | Heart Chakra

This energy center is our emotional brain. Here we feel love and gratitude. It is the energy center that makes us love what we do.

3. Manipura-Chakra | Solar Plexus Chakra

This is our gut feeling and the source of our intuition. From here, we instinctively receive instructions on how to act in the given situation.

2. Svadisthana-Chakra | Sacral Chakra

This is our sexual center and is the seat of our passion. It makes us passionate about ideas. Sexual energy is a powerful creative energy that we can use to create our dreams. However, most of us consume it through sexual activity.

1. Muladhara-Chakra | Root Chakra

We can find this energy center at the base of our spine. It is our grounding. Like an electrical system, we must also be grounded. The better we can do this, the more energy we can let flow through us. This way, we can better deal with stress, tension, or difficult emotions.


If you want to know more about chakras, I recommend that you read this article. It gives an excellent first overview: Chakra and Yoga – An introduction to the ancient Science

In a natural state, our energy centers are open, and energy can flow freely through our bodies and into the world. However, for most of us, our chakras are partially or completely blocked, which hinders the flow of energy and, thus, our manifestations. The bigger the resistance to our wishes, the more difficult it will be to achieve them.

Energetic Blockages

We all have a multitude of negative stories and beliefs in our subconscious. They are stored in our bodies. There they rest until a trigger activates them. A trigger can be a situation or just a thought in our head. If they are triggered, we feel them as emotions in our bodies.

In the Staging Phase, we work out a vision. If it is defined, we can set the intention (6th chakra) to make it come true. As soon as we do this, our body reacts, and we can perceive the inner resistance to it. The intention is like applying a voltage to an electrical circuit. It creates a potential that stimulates the flow of energy through our bodies. This then triggers our inner blockages, which we perceive as feelings of pressure, tension, or nervousness.

Often we are not directly aware of this. But if we hold our vision in our imagination and consciously move it down through our body, we can experience one of two things:

  1. An inner resistance prevents us from moving our vision further down.
  2. As we move it further down, the image of our vision changes.

Both are signs of our unconscious resistance to this goal.

Try it out for yourself

Imagine a dream or a goal. Once you have a clear vision in your mind, set the intention to realize it. Do you feel different?

Now consciously take the picture and push it down. Observe what happens. Do you feel any pressure or resistance in your body? Is your imagination changing? What kind of thoughts do you have? Are there doubts?

Then compare it with a real circumstance in your life. Take this idea and move it through your body. Do you feel resistance or doubt here?

The more resistance we feel towards a dream or goal, the more difficult it is for us to achieve it. We procrastinate, reject possible measures because they seem impossible, find no motivation, avoid taking risks, doubt ourselves and the project, and secretly assume that we will fail anyway.

These are just a few examples of how our emotions influence us every day. And I hope you can see why only you are responsible for everything and anything in your life. Not necessarily consciously, but at least unconsciously.

So, if we want to live our dream life, we have to learn to deal with negative stories, beliefs, and emotions.

Overcoming the Resistance

There are three options:

1. Give up the Dream

This probably happens most of the time. Many dreams, ideas, or goals have never even been attempted. It is a pity, but we also have to understand that we can only really concentrate on one thing. The more things we try to achieve at the same time, the harder it becomes to accomplish any of them. We have to decide which dreams and goals are essential for us at this moment and which are not, and then concentrate on the important ones.

2. Acting despite the Resistance

When we decide to act, most of us choose to ignore our negative feelings and act despite the resistance. In this way, we can be very successful. However, it is a hard and tedious path. It requires a lot of will and determination. It is a bit like running our heads into a wall. Ironically, this path is perceived by us to be easier than option 3.

3. First, let go and then act

An unusual, elegant, and highly effective way is to remove resistance before we take action. This can be done by applying the techniques explained in “Letting Go – 8 Simple Ways to a Happier Life“. Although this may seem illogical, it is the faster method. It is a bit like sharpening an ax before cutting down a tree. The sharper the ax is – the less resistance there is, the faster we can work.


If you have read my article “The Emotion Scale – 9 levels of consciousness you need to know to live fulfilled and happy“, you know the three groups of emotions. They can be associated with the three options we have in dealing with our goals.

  1. Option: Negative, pulling emotions (apathy, grief, fear)
  2. Option: Negative, pressing emotions (lust, anger, pride)
  3. Option: Positive, balanced emotions (courage, acceptance, peace)

Interesting, isn’t it?!


  • The physical world is the expression of all energies with their specific frequencies.
  • When we create something, we focus energy in its direction by focusing on it.
  • The body is our tool to focus energies.
  • Our negative stories and beliefs hinder the flow of energy.
  • We can either push through the resistance or dissolve it by consciously letting go of it.
  • We reach our goals more comfortably and faster if we let go of all the negative emotions first.

In a future article, I will introduce you to a goal process that you can use daily. It will help you to focus on your goal and to remove all your inner obstacles. If you don’t want to miss any of my future contributions, just subscribe to my newsletter.


Live authentically! Be great!




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