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For me, success means to be healthy, to be happy, to help others, and to create and experience cool things on the side.
The area of life I had to struggle with the most was my love life. At first, I didn’t know how I could even kiss a woman, and later, after several years of intensive study of the subject, I did have women in my life, but I still had an inner emptiness and the feeling of not being enough. The solution in my head was clear: I need more women so that I can finally prove to myself that I am valuable and desirable after all. It took me a few years to understand that it doesn’t work that way.

With me it was women, with others it is a particular lifestyle, money or fame. We are subject to the misconception that the quality of our lives depends on our external circumstances. If that were the case, the wealthiest people would also be the happiest people, and that is not the case.

On my journey through life, one circumstance became more and more clear to me: The quality of our life depends on only one and only one thing, the quality of the emotions we experience every day.

I have dealt intensively with the subject of thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, and today I see as clearly as never before. Our beliefs, the filter through which we perceive the world, influence not only our well-being but also have a massive impact on the tangible results in the outside world.

Our external reality follows our inner world and not the other way around, as many believe.
What this means is quite simple: To change our life on the outside, we have to change our inner perception of our reality by altering our beliefs, emotions, and thoughts.

In my numerous workshops and seminars, I learned a lot about how we can change our beliefs, influence our emotions and step into tension to create the life of our dreams, be happy, and live fulfilled.
If you want to create an abundant life, I am here to support you.